Falling Waters Battlefield Today

Falling Waters Battlefield Today

After the battle, while war continued in Maryland and Virginia, the Falling Waters battlefield in Maryland returned to farming with a few homes in the area downriver five miles from the canal town of Williamsport. Over the years, farms were subdivided and private residences were built along the length of the road traveled by two-thirds of Lee’s army that miserable night in July 1863. The heart of the battlefield served as farms with orchards, fields growing crops plus cattle and turkeys. New homes were built while older ones saw owners and tenants come and go. The muddy farm road was paved and widened.

Today the land on either side of Falling Waters Road remains primarily farmland mixed with residences and one small church. All the property is private at this time. Work is underway to preserve key areas of the battlefield through easements and purchase.



Falling Waters 1863 Battlefield remains strictly private property at this time. Tours can be scheduled for groups from 10 to 50 participants.

No trespassing on any of the private property is allowed without express permission in advance from the owner. Please respect the rights of the local property owners.

6 thoughts on “Falling Waters Battlefield Today

  1. I’ve lived in Williamsport all my life. Who are the owners of this area and where is it. Being a battlefield it should be not developed for anything but history. Brenda L (Kinzer) Sterling


  2. What is the minimum number of people required for a tour of the Falling Waters Battle? How much does it cost? Are reservations required?


  3. I am currently working on a history of the 1st Tennessee (Turney’s) during the war, the unit was among the first engaged at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, and among the last engaged at Falling Waters on July 14, 1863. I live in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, and would like to visit the location of Archer’s Brigade at Falling Waters to get a sense of the terrain and take some photographs. I would like to do this sometime in August, preferably in mid-week to minimize traffic concerns. A friend who lives in the Germantown area might accompany me. Please let me know what arrangements I need to make to accomplish this. Thank you.


  4. Thank you for an excellent tour, George and Melissa! I was in the group traveling with Eric W. and the site was the highlight of the day (for me). I am a huge admirer of preservation and restoration, and from the articles and photos I’ve found online, you have done a magnificent job on the house! Sending a membership contribution by snail mail, and hope to hear of any developments on the property. Best of luck!


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